Martha Meals


Martha Meals is our newest Community Outreach, Mission Service.  Birthed by Mary Lee being bold enough to gather a group of people from the church (currently 5 different Teams with other back-up volunteers) to “Out-live” their lives in service to others.  On Wednesday nights the Eureka Church is alive with activities.  People who come to the food pantry are encouraged to come and have a meal with others.  In September – a Corn and Brat Cookout served 61 individuals.  This is for EVERYONE, a community outreach to bring people together for a hot meal and some spiritual fellowship.  We all eat together and we all get to know one another.  The most amazing part of this ministry – is that the people who are coming that are not part of the Eureka Church just started bringing some food to share with others on their own.  It is always a surpise what will be on the tables WED night, but there is always more than anyone can eat.  Thanks be to God for the willingness to step out in faith and use one’s Spiritual gifts of a Martha spirit to bring people together in the name of Christ.  “If your gift is serving others, serve them well,” (Romans 12: 7a  NLT)

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