Mission Trip to Uganda – 2013


Why Uganda – well, well, well it’s about a need for clean Water.

Region: East Africa
30.9 million
Ranked 154 out of 177 countries according to Human Development indicators (HDI)
Life expectancy:
49 years
5.4% of population living with HIV&AIDS
One in seven children die before their fifth birthday
Two in nine children are underweight

Bishop Nelson Wesamoyo from Mbale will be hosting our trip Feb. 27 – March 12, 2013.  Rev. Laverne Larson from the Viola UMC (WI) is a seasoned mission servant in Uganda and will be guiding us on the trip.  We are going to visit children sponsored from World Vision and Compassion International who live in Ugandan villages.  We will experience Sunday Worship at 2 different African churches while there.  But the purpose of our trip is to help dig a well in the Goshen Blessings (North/Central/West area of Uganda), a Refuge area nearby Misindi, Uganda.  This is a mission outreach from Bishop’s Mbale church. We will be helping the community with agricultural ideas to grow crops year round and dig a cistern to hold water from the rainy seasons.  Pastor Anita Genrich, Steve Doro, Chris Kafer, David Weiss, Steve Nankarvis, and Kaleb Kafer-Thomsen are planning to go.

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