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As Autumn colors are starting to dull into blurs of browns and grays, the harvesting of crops is over the hump, and the furnaces have warmed a home in the evenings …November comes.  For me, it is a month that seems like a Sabbath rest for many who plant, sow and harvest.  A month before the Advent/Christmas Season officially begins with all its busyness.  For some, it is a month where hunting turkeys and deer is a great delight.  And for all, it is a month of Thanksgiving.  We trace our roots of European settlement in this country to our current Thanksgiving holiday.  Our Pilgrim forefathers gave great thanks for their life deliverance from starvation and death due to their first harvest in the “New Land” with the help of their Native American mentors.  Did you know that God ordained this autumn time to be a season of thanksgiving and celebration as recorded by Moses in the Festival of Booths (Sukkoth) found in Leviticus 23 ?  The Apostle Paul writes to the believers at Thessalonica, “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (I Thessalonians 5:18).  So let us begin November with a heart of thankfulness.  Here’s my challenge to you…write down each day, incorporate in your prayers, something you are thankful for.  Thirty days…thirty things. For me, Day One will be that I am so thankful for my grandchildren; spending time with them is a great Sabbath rest for me each week.  My favorite hymn is:  “Count Your Many Blessings.”  So let’s start counting

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